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Version 1.2.0

Released 11th July 2017

Social Media

You can now share all your business and personal social media plus phone numbers

Open directly in apps

Tap on a social medai account to open directly in that app or tap on a phone number to call it


Tapping a notification about a Note now takes you directly to the Notes tab of that meeting.

Link Meetings

Link a Shake to Meet meeting with an item in your main calendar to group together people you met at an event

About this version

This release is about enhancements to Shake to Meet. Firstly expanding the social media information you can share with others ,think Business card on steroids! Secondly you can now link a Shake to Meet meeting with an event in your main calendar. We've also made notifications easier by taking you directly to the notes, agenda or actions section of the meeting when you tap on a notification.

Other Versions

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