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Version 1.0.1 - 28th April

Lazy Loading

Meetings you have with a single person now load dynamically as you scroll up or down rather than having to tap a button to load more meetings.

Visible back button

We've fixed the back button at the top of the single person screen so you can easily go back even when scrolling a long list of meetings

Default date

The meeting list for a single person now defaults to the nearest date to the current date to make it more relevant for you

New look

Single person screen how has a look more in-ine with the main meeting screen, but we've also streamlined it which we'll be doing elsewhere soon !

Version 1.1.0

Released 5th June 2017

Shake to Meet

No more buisness cards! Shake your phone with another Meetzoo member to setup an instant meeting and exchange contact details

Pull down refresh

You can now pull down to refresh the list of agenda items, notes or actions

Default date

The default scroll position for Related Meetings is now the current date so you see your most relevant meetings instantly

Lazy Loading

The list of Related Meetings now also uses lazy loading so  meetings are loaded as you scroll

About this version

This is the Shake to Meet release! Shake your phone with another Meetzoo member to setup an instant meeting!

Other Versions

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